Managing Projects at Saja Ltd

Saja Ltd believes passionately that effective management of projects can help to drive innovation, and keep costs down. With experience of running projects for a breadth of large corporate organisations and charities, the style of project management can be tailored to your needs. From the more more structured PRINCE 2 methodology to something more AGILE, Saja Ltd can work with you to find the best approach. Whether you are an organisation who needs a Project Manager for a specific peice of work, or are an agency looking for some extra resource to get something delivered for a client, contact Saja Ltd who will be happy to help you out.

What can a Project Manager do for you?


A project manager keeps you on track

The importance of good project managament is often misunderstood, particularly in the field of IT and Digital work. A project manager is a resource that you don’t truly appreciate the value of unless things start to go wrong; it is the project manager’s role to make sure that everything is working to plan and if something isn’t going quite right to look at ways of compensating or adjusting the plan so that the end point is still met. If you imagine you are going out walking on a beautiful sunny day, and you can see the paths well, you might not think to take a map with you. However if you get part way around your walk and the mist comes in so it’s difficult find the way, or if the route is blocked by a flooded river, or a fallen tree so you need to find an alternative path, then this is when you will be grateful for your map. The map can not only tell you where you are and where you want to be, but it can help you work out the alternative ways to get there – and it is this monitoring of the route, monitoring of potential hazards (risks), checking you are on track and helping you to find alternatives that a Project Manager will do for you on a project. In the long run this will save you money because the work will be done in the most efficient way possible.

Project Management Skills

Project Management Triangle

Balancing Time Cost & Scope to manage quality

There are many skills which are important to Project Managers and one of the key skills is communication; by using a project manager who understands the technology or business which is behind the project then they can act as an interpreter to all parties and aid communication. Too often details are lost in misunderstanding of terminology, but by using someone who is skilled in their field you can prevent the scenario of a customer ending up with something that wasn’t expected or more importantly wasn’t wanted. A frequent challenge in Digital Projects is that the market is changing quickly; therefore any Project Manager needs to be able to adapt to this, and inform their clients as to the what their options are. A good Project Manager will help an organisation to balance the cost of work against the time to deliver, and the amount that is delivered, to achieve a quality product that is best suited to purpose. Saja Ltd can provide a Project Manager to co-ordinate all these different areas of a project, so that you can focus on making decisions and running your business knowing that the work is in safe hands. Read some of Saja Ltd posts and articles on Project Management