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Contradictions & Compromise: The dilemma of online shopping at Xmas!

I am a woman of many contradictions, my husband will testify to this willingly! When we got married in May I wanted it to be classy & stylish with stunning scenic photos but I don’t like getting dressed up and don’t like being in photos; I work in Digital Media but I am not a [...]

When the line between good manners, the truth and effective management become a bit blurred….

I’m sitting in the doctors surgery waiting for my regular MOT & wondering idly if I’m going to catch a cold from all these folk coughing & sneezing.┬áMany folk know each other, either neighbours or regulars to the surgery as is often the case amongst a certain age group. As each arrival sits down they [...]

Waterfalls and the need for agility

I was out walking at the weekend and the huge amount of rainfall on Saturday night resulted in some spectacular waterfalls on the Sunday, reminding me of a blog I’ve been meaning to write for a while now about my thoughts on the different types of project methodologies. There are many methodologies for delivering projects, [...]

Achieving your goals by breaking them down: it works across the field.. and on the track!

The other day I blogged about how I’d been impressed by the teamwork by the British team Sky in the Tour de France, and how it could be applied to business situations. This morning I watched a fantastic interview on BBC Breakfast with Dave Brailsford, British Cycling’s Performance Director, where he was discussing the methods [...]

Pedalling the team message…

I’ve been following the Tour de France this year. In all honesty this is largely a defence mechanism as my husband & other half (OH to my twitter followers) is an ex racing cyclist and a huge fan. So with an air of ‘if you can’t beat them join them’ I have been reading online [...]